Medical Training

EMS TrainingMembers of the QRT meet every 1st Wednesday for training on equipment, protocols, and procedures. Every medic from the First Responder level up to EMT-Paramedic needs to receive training on new medications, new procedures, documentation, as well as, refresher training on current standards. The District recently purchased a new Zoll monitor/defibrillator that will replace the aged monitor from the early 90's. This new monitor will also take blood pressures, pulse rates, and blood oxygen saturations. With it's blue tooth capabilities it can also transmit data to the hospital via cell phone and take GPS coordinates if needed. The District has also added another piece of equipment to it's inventory. A Zoll AutoPulse, which will perform CPR more effectively and longer than a human could, will enable Pilot Rock Medics to provide better care for patients in cardiac arrest.
Here John Phelps from Zoll gives the medics an in-service on the new cardiac monitor.

EMS TrainingThe District has a great bunch of dedicated medics that respond day and night to all manner of calls. Through training our medics can provide a quality level of first response until Pendleton Ambulance arrives to transport to the hospital.