Medical Equipment

Pilot Rock Medic UnitThe apparatus and equipment used by the QRT consists of a 1995 Wheeled Coach ambulance on a Ford F-350 chassis and the rescue tools are carried on a brush engine that does double duty on fires and vehicle accidents. Medical equipment consists of a new cardiac monitor/defibrillator, airway bag, and medical box that is among many items carried on the ambulance. The newest item to the District is called an AutoPulse. This piece of equipment will perfom CPR on patient's who have experienced cardiac arrest and will do it better and longer than a human can. With these two new pieces of technology in service this gives the people of Pilot Rock a better chance to survive a sudden cardiac arrest.

AED machineThe District just recently upgraded their ambulance with one they purchased from the Pendleton Fire Department. Stay tuned for a new picture and the details on the new medic unit.