City of Pilot Rock

Community Days Reunion Weekend

2018 Annual Pilot Rock Community Days 

August 17 & 18th


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Photo: Historical Photo from The RockCity of Pilot Rock

144 N. Alder Place
PO Box 130
Pilot Rock, Oregon 97868

Phone: 541-443-2811
Fax: 541-443-2253


Court Appearances

(What to expect when you come to court)

Minor Traffic/Criminal/Ordinance Violation Court

Municipal Court is held at 6:00 p.m. on the fourth (4th) Thursday of each month. This is the only time you may appear before the judge to enter your plea if you have received a citation.


Arraignment: The first court appearance. The judge advises the defendant of his/her rights at this court appearance. the defendant's plea for traffic infractions and minor violations is entered at this time.

Assessments: Additional fees that are imposed by the judge. These are fees that are ordered by law and collected by the City of Pilot Rock, Umatilla County and the State of Oregon.

Pilot Rock Court

Photo: Hillside covered with flowersPilot Rock Municipal Court is located in The City Council Chambers 143 W. Main in Pilot Rock, directly across from the Post Office. Parking is available in the public parking lot immediately behind City Hall and along Alder Place.


Judge: The Honorable Maureen McCormmach

City Attorney: David Blanc

Welcome to Pilot Rock, Oregon

Photo: "The Rock""The Rock", as it is known to locals, can be seen from the base of the Blue Mountains on a clear day 12 miles away.

The City of Pilot Rock was named for the prominent basalt rock formation (pictured) located on the west side of the town which was visible from the old Oregon Trail and used as an aim point by wagon trains traveling Emigrant Pass and Cabbage Hill.