Contest Rules

City of Pilot Rocks Logo Design Contest Rules
September 2008

 The City of Pilot Rock uses a city logo as a representation of Pilot Rock on official city documents, marketing materials, WebPages, signs, business cards, and more. The City decided to involve the community in developing the City’s new logo by having a Logo Design Contest.

Contest Rules

  • The contest is open to all individuals.
  • All submittals shall be in hard copy or digital format. Only 1 copy is required.
  • No more than 5 submittals may be made by a contestant.
  • Each design must be submitted separately.
  • Design size shall be a minimum of 5” X 5” and a maximum of 8 ½” X 11”.

Each design must be accompanied by a narrative (maximum 1 page, 12 point font) explaining the story behind the logo design. A design may be in color or black and white; if color, it must be able to be photocopied in black and white without losing design and/or detail.

The design should include the words “City of Pilot Rock” or “Pilot Rock” around and/or adjacent to the logo and in a complementary font.

  • Designs should be distinctive when reduced to letterhead size.
  • Artwork may be done in any of the following media:
  • Pen and Ink, Printmaking, Acrylic, Computer Graphics.
  • A slogan for the City matching the design may be included in your submission.
Submittal Information
  • Submittals shall be made by 4:30 PM on Wednesday, November 26, 2008.
  • The submittal shall include the artist’s name, address, phone number, and email address.
  • All submittals shall become the property of the City of Pilot Rock.

Submittals shall be mailed to City of Pilot Rock, Logo Contest, PO Box 130, Pilot Rock, OR or delivered to Pilot Rock City Hall, 144 N Alder Place, Pilot Rock, OR 97868. E-mailed submittals may be sent to

  • Grand Prize - $50 Cash
  • Runner Up Prizes (2) - $25 Gift Certificate from

 Judging will be done by a Logo Contest Committee named by the Mayor, to include a variety of individuals from our community, and final approval from the Pilot Rock City Council.

 For more information email or call 443-2811